The benefits of comprehensive air filtration systems in the workplace are obvious. Clean air leads to happy workers, increased productivity and retention, and compliance with federal regulations. However, the benefits of an air filtration system, especially a more current one, extend far beyond these obvious ones.

The clearest benefit of a newer air filtration system is improved environmental sustainability and impact. Many older systems just expelled the contaminated air outside, negatively affecting the environment and outside wildlife. Newer systems simply filter and recycle tainted air, bringing the pollution damage of a manufacturing facility down to zero. According to Robovent, The Clean Air Initiative calls on us to use proper air filters. Reducing pollution is not only good for the world, but it also lessens the chance that a manufacturing plant will receive negative press attention by causing lasting damage to the environment. Protecting the environment is a moral imperative, and minimizing the emissions of a manufacturing facility will make a meaningful dent in pollution.

In addition to reducing environmental damage, installing a new air filtration system will reduce operating costs for a facility. This is due to exponential increases in efficiency with more current systems. To cut down on costs, the filtration system should be the first place that management should look. Many facilities are leaving money on the table by keeping their older, power-guzzling filtration systems, and should research newer systems to find which ones will save them the most money. It’s possible that an older filtration system could be costing a facility significant money both in power consumption and inadequate air filtering which could affect employees and machinery. These newer systems will also be more powerful than the old ones and will catch particles and fumes that the older systems missed. Lower operating costs and increased employee safety make a new filtration system a no-brainer for those facilities that are able to afford the initial installation costs.

A newer filtration system can even improve the longevity of a manufacturing facility itself. Not only will the workers be healthier and more productive, but the facility’s equipment will be as well. Good air filtration means that equipment doesn’t have to be cleaned off nearly as often, and won’t get clogged up with contaminants. This is yet another economic benefit of newer systems.

The benefits of air filtration systems in manufacturing facilities is clear. However, for many plants, just having and maintaining a filtration system isn’t enough. Older systems have developed a whole host of problems and inefficiencies, from outside environmental damage to excessive power consumption. The damages from keeping an old system range from negative PR to massive accumulated financial losses.

With all of these damaging consequences of maintaining an older system, pursuing an installation of a newer filtration system is a must for all manufacturing facilities that can afford it. Even while taking into account the installation cost, a new system will pay for itself many times over, in decreased operating costs and peace of mind.

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